Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well it's been 2 days

It is time for another update.
I got a ticket for my "loud exhaust"  to which the officer said to me.(and I quote). "your not allowed to modify your exhaust".
This got on my nerves in a big way, as we all know there is an after market for exhausts, and as such in California, if it were illegal, there would be no market.
I promptly told the officer that I'm allowed to modify it as long as the sound level remains under 95dB. He didnt believe me and promptly wrote my ticket.
Now i get to fight this dumb ticket in court and hopefully teach this dip-shit a lesson.

so my advice for anyone with a modified exhaust, keep a copy of the law in your glove box to hand to dipshit cops who think they know the law.


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